Recovery of Partition

Partitions are the best way to segregate different kind of data with each other. Suppose you keep movies, songs, your office documents, photos and other data on your system. If all these files are not managed properly then there is a possibility that they are lost or deleted. But, even after keeping the files in separate partitions, it does not ensure that the files will be safe. There are several reasons due to which you might lose your data from partitions.

How to Find Deleted Files

How data can be lost or deleted from partitions?

  1. Accidental or intentional deletion of files
  2. Formatting a particular partition, containing crucial files, accidentally or knowingly
  3. Partition corruption due to virus attack
  4. Error or interruption while partitioning
  5. File System corruption leading to a corrupted partition

Whatever maybe the reason for the loss of data from a partition, Partition recovery software will definitely bring them back. You might be wondering as how is it possible?

Reason for recovery

When a file is deleted or lost, the Operating System just removes the pointers to that file from the file system. This leads to the invisibility of files and user thinks that they are gone forever. But until and unless some new data overwrites those files, recovery is possible. To perform recovery of partition data, make use of the best Partition Recovery software.

Partition Recovery software is capable of performing -

SATA Hard Drive Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery tool is perfectly compatible in recovering deleted or lost data from SATA hard drive partitions. SATA hard drives are one of the most popular hard drives used all over the world, in various brands and types of computers. If you are also having a PC with SATA hard drive, then recovery of partition data can be easily performed using this tool.

Mac OS X Volume Recovery

Mac OS X is the latest Mac computer in Macintosh series. Like Windows, Macintosh PC also consists of various partitions, known as volumes. Data loss scenarios are not different in a Mac system therefore; Partition Recovery software is available and ideal for Mac OS X too. Make use of its advanced and powerful scanning engine and get back all the data from deleted, lost or corrupted volumes.

Recovery of Data from Deleted Partition

Partitions can be accidentally or intentionally deleted from your computer system. This can usually be a result of a slight distraction or sudden decision; but the data loss will be very huge. Once you have lost all your data from the deleted partition, only a recovery tool like Partition Recovery can help you. The tool is capable of restoring data of over 300 file formats from the deleted partition. In case the file type you are looking for is not listed in the tool then you can add it very easily by using “Add / Edit Signature” option.

Recover Data from NTFS Partition

Windows Operating System supports NTFS & FAT file systems. Among both of them, NTFS file system is more widely used as it is faster and supports new technologies. This makes the data loss from NTFS partitions more frequent than from FAT file systems. Partition Recovery is compatible with recovering data from NTFS partitions of any Windows Operating System version.

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